New Bosch Tools in 2018

Power Tools of Bosch

New Bosch Tools in 2018

Bosch is a household name in the engineering and electronics sector. For over a century, it has been the go-to brand for power tools, automotive components and many others. Its headquarters are located in Gerlingen, Germany. In 2011, the company became the world’s largest supplier of motor vehicle components. Despite its firm footing in its niche, the firm strives to remain at the pinnacle by continually developing cutting-edge and innovative products that appeal to their clientele. The following are the latest releases from the Bosch enterprise.

1. 18V 4-Tool Combo Kit

Bosch 18V 4-Tool Combo KitThis kit packs up tools that are fully capable of handling any DIY job as well as professional tasks. The 4-tool package includes the Compact Tough ½” driver/drill, ¼” Hex Impact driver, a 18V Compact Reciprocating Saw, and a flashlight. The robust nature of the Compact Tough driver makes it suitable for heavy-duty jobs. The hex impact driver is perfect for repetitive driving tasks, as it has a speed of up to 2800RPM. Should you face any sturdy material that requires cutting, the Compact Reciprocating Saw will come in handy. To ensure that work goes on after sundown, a bright 18V flashlight is added to complement the package. Also, a drill set of assorted bits is included in case the need for adjustment arises. Notably, all the tools are cordless, making them usable anywhere.

2. BLAZE 135 Ft. Laser Measure with Color Display

Bosch BLAZE 135 Ft. Laser Measure with Color DisplayEquipped with top of the range specs, the BLAZE 135 is the ultimate laser measure. It has an interactive guide that assists the user in making measurements through the use of pictures, words and letters. The colour display certainly improves the aesthetic aspect while also increasing legibility of the screen as well as usability of the device. All measurements are in real-time, and the gadget can store up to 20 measurements at a time.

The inbuilt laser precision technology assures the user of accurate measurements for up to 135 feet. On top of this, the small design of the BLAZE 135 enhances its portability.

3. 12V Max Lithium-Ion 6.0 Ah Battery

Bosch 12V Max Lithium-Ion 6.0 Ah BatteryThe compactness of the Bosch 12V 6 Ah battery is unmatched in the line of 12-volt batteries. Moreover, this battery has the best runtime when compared to its peers. It offers a 50% improvement over its predecessor, which was impressive while only having a capacity of 4.0 Ah. Regarding compatibility, the 12V Max perfectly augments all Bosch products with a 12-volt power rating. Furthermore, this battery is the epitome of resilience, as it can withstand extreme weather conditions of up to -4 0C.

4. 18V/12V Dual-Bay Battery Charger

Bosch 18V/12V Dual-Bay Battery ChargerIn addition to charging Bosch batteries, this Dual-bay charger can also juice up mobile phone batteries. Its ambidexterity allows it to charge both !8B and 12V batteries, as well as having a 2.4A USB port that supports fast charging for your smartphone. The integrated LED indicators are useful in monitor5ing charging process. Typically, a 18V battery charge for one and a half hours while the 12V variant takes 45 minutes to charge completely.

5. 18V Blower (Bare Tool)

Bosch 18V Blower (Bare Tool)If you are looking for a robust, expedient and powerful air blower, look no further than the Bosch 18V blower. It produces air at a speed of 167 mph and a volume of 71 cubic feet per minute. The pressure at which air is released is adjustable, thanks to the availability of several nozzles. The user also has control over the speed. This blower has an energy efficient motor which consumes one-ampere-hour for every nine minutes on low speed and five minutes per ampere-hour on high speed. As a complementary feature, Bosch added a debris collection tube to this package.